Moleskine Foundation A Creativity Revival: Can Creativity Change the World?


A panel with Nana Akosua Hanson, Ilaria Speri, Olena Rosstalna, Rowan Roydon Pybus – Moderated by Lwando Xaso

The panel will try rescue creativity from the abstract into real and demonstrable actions, changing not just the creators but the world around them. The work of the Creativity Pioneers serves as evidence and infinite possibilities and boundless imagination, which are critical in the midst of unceasing challenges caused by social injustice, climate change, conflicts. Where creativity occurs, consciousness is elevated, and health can be restored. Where there is creativity, community and communion can emerge. And where there is creativity, joy has a chance.

Join us to encounter the enlivening work of Creativity Pioneers who are creating ‘more beautifully, more intensely and more devotedly’ in the face of immeasurable adversity. 




Nana Akosua Hanson – Founder of Moongirls Live

Ilaria Speri Director of The Wonder Cabinet

Olena Rosstalna – Director of Youth Drama Theatre “AmaTea”

Rowan Roydon Pybus – Founding Partner of Sunshine Cinema

Moderator: Lwando Xaso, writer, lawyer, and Founder of Including Society 

So... is this getting serious?

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