Festival Divercity CASE INVISIBILI: Dall’architettura dell’oppressione al Design immateriale della Libertà


Is social transformation possible through intangible design and human collaboration?  

Festival Divercity brings to BASE “CASE INVISIBILI“, an event addressing crucial and topical issues related to urbanism in occupied territories, the exclusionary design of public spaces and the challenges of colonialism and neocolonialism. In this talk, we will explore the concept of ‘invisible houses’ – dwellings, cities and towns that, despite physically existing, are deprived of part of their deeper meaning due to occupation and segregation.

We will question the very meaning of ‘home’ when the home becomes a place of oppression rather than refuge. We will tell stories of resilience and resistance, focusing on the experiences of Palestinian, Congolese and peoples who, despite the difficulties, are reinventing the concept of freedom, pitting the power of solidarity, the energy and lucidity of conviviality against violence.

Cecilia Dalla Negra, Journalist
Andi Nganso, Doctor – Founder Festival Divercity
Karem Rohana, Speech therapist – Italian-Palestinian activist
Kaaj Tshikaland, Anthropologist – Italian-Congolese Activist

Moderator: Veronica Fernandes, RAI journalist


So... is this getting serious?

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