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All the possible ways to create the story.

With Clessidre, talismani per abitare il tempo, BASE’s associate artists — Elisabetta Consonni, Corps Citoyen and MOMBAO — and the temporary community they host, reflect on other ways of creating history and stories, like a game of overturning the hourglass where the past becomes the future and vice versa, dismantling the linear conception weather. A circular vision that also embraces space, which opens porous, nomadic and itinerant, to unite different people and places, rewrite political geographies and hierarchies, leaving body and imagination free.




H10 — 13

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Diasporic Imagination / Immaginazione diasporica
con Daniel Blanga Gubbay


What are the only forms of imaginative connection beyond a territorial unit? What is its history, its political potential but also the risks of a romantic reading of an inaccessible territory? And how to think about the idea of ​​diasporic imagination not only in its strictest political meaning but as the imagination of a body beyond the body? Finally, the diasporic imagination is a door to rethink the relationship with time, stitching together the categories of past, present and future.

H14 — 15:30

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con Pietro Porro


Pietro Porro, master of the gesture in the ancient art of anarchocalligraphy, will present some documents of the Agreed Declaration of Peace, a vast work written in an invented script, composed by more than 7000 documents, to propose through soft anarchocalligraphy the fulfillment of an ultra-utopian perspective of resource redistribution.

H15:30 — 16

#lecture         ↘ Ground Hall

Una irriducibile diversità. Le fonti orali per la storia
con Chiara Paris


Oral sources originate from specific and very singular points of view and represent the key to access a subjective dimension of historical experience. In addition to being useful tools for reconstructing the past, they allow people’s experiences to be integrated into the historical dimension, opening bridges between History with a “capital H” and “small history”, attentive to detail and the narrative dimension of history.

The intervention will present the specificities of the oral source, that is its character of irreducible diversity, the result of a practice – the Interview – which co-constructs its sources by supporting a relational and multi-vocal movement.

Because these are documents that would not exist without this desire to ask questions, overcome resistance and get involved.

We will see how the relational character inherent in the oral source takes the form not only as a dialogic relationship between several people – or between the “official version” of history and individual stories – but also as a tendency to create points of contact between the memory of the past and the context of the present where the interview takes place.

H16 — 18

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On becoming aware
con Valentina Ragno


The body has memory of the past, the body is an instrument of perception of the present, the body experiences the future in the form of intuition. Valentina Ragno, professional of the Grinberg method, will lead a workshop to refine the attention capacity of the physical body and the emotional body, to make the body a place of perception, depriving it of the filter of personal history.

H18 — 19

#installazione #performance         ↘ BASE Milano — Capsula

Zona di ablazione
con Neunau


Zona di ablazionis an audiovisual performance that tells and summarizes 24 hours of melting activity on the Adamello glacier through sound and temperatures. The data was collected using 4 bioacoustic recorders, scientifically placed in the belly of crevasses, fissures and surfaces during the summer of 2021 and 2022 obtaining 9180 hours of sound and temperature recordings.

The performance shows the scientific data collected, creating an engaging perceptive and emotional dimension, allowing an unprecedented point of view on the implications and negative consequences of climate change on fragile ecosystems. In fact, 92% of Alpine glaciers risk disappearing by the end of this century.

From a sonic point of view, “Zona di Ablazione” entrusts the composition to the glacier itself which orchestrates its own demise using its expressive alphabet. The low frequencies linked to the powerful subglacial torrent that flows at the base of the glacier create a hypnotic and menacing drone; while the cascade of fusion, thuds, roars, dynamic movements, structural collapses, screeches generate notes on the medium and high frequencies, the result of reactions between water, ice and air.

“A Sound in Extinction” is an experimental research project aimed at monitoring the implications of climate change on Alpine glaciers through the analysis of sound, an initiative divided into educational, artistic and scientific activities; the initiative was created in 2020 by sound artist NEUNAU in collaboration with universities, institutions and partners.


Elisabetta Consonni, Corps Citoyen and MOMBAO are the associated artists of BASE Milano. This year they were entrusted with a part of the curatorship of the Festival, which has its output in Clessidre, talismani per abitare il tempo: an investigative tool inhabited by a temporary community to orbit around FAROUT.


→ ELISABETTA CONSONNI choreographs everything, human and inhuman beings, mobile and static objects, maps, interstice and spatial holiday groups. She creates relationship networks, thin and strong, like sugar glass. 
She holds a degree in Communication, with a final thesis on the social construction of the body in dance. Graduated at The Place-London, she then examined in depth her research on performing art living in The Netherlands (2004-2009 and in Poland (2013-2015). Her works try to expand choreography while trying to find performative devices to incorporate social dynamics and themes. Her social and civic activism takes the artistic shape of a research process (documented in that has been documenting the use and the meaning of public space and the declination of the choreographical skills in communitarian practices.  


→ CORPS CITOYEN is a multidisciplinary artistic collective based between Tunisi and Milan. The collective’s practice is made up of different disciplinary tools (dance, theatre, poetry, video, animation, writing and anthropological research) to create new contemporary narratives. The group’s objective is to strengthen the values ​​of citizenship through artistic practice, training, research and the active participation of civil society in order to promote political and social change. From the experience of Corps Citoyen, the decolonial participatory art center Milano Mediterranea was born in 2020.


→ MOMBAO it is the duo formed by Damon Arabsolgar and Anselmo Luisi that moves halfway between a performance and a concert; mixes unreleased songs in different languages ​​with popular songs from different cultures rearranged in an electronic rock key. In addition to playing in some of the most important venues and festivals in Italy, they have been artists in residence at Milano Mediterranea, BASE, BRACT – L’elba del Vicino, Fienile Fluò, Neutopica and Meta Forte. They were one of the projects selected by SIAE- Italia Music Export to participate in the international Global Music Match 2021 project and to obtain funding for a tour in India and Nepal in 2020. In 2021 they participated in XFactor Italia, obtaining national resonance.

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