Enrico Malatesta, Chiara Pavolucci Manicula


Pay attention.

Manicula is a project by Enrico Malatesta and Chiara Pavolucci, it has collective format in which participants walk through the city accompanied by a sonar performance, narration and visual stimulus.  

Manicula offers a reflection that emerges from connections with the surrounding urban landscape through an audio/visual experience creating new narratives and ways of relating and connecting to the city.  

Through this performance, the artists propose a new way for the body to interact with and listen to the surroundings, rethinking the idea of habitability and creating a new intimate relationship to the local territory. The themes researched during the artist residencies at BASE, will be presented and developed through an immersive walk. To further the artistic process, in the context of Farout, Manicula will be accompanied by a performance by Enrico Malatesta, with the objective of highlighting the interconnection between the body and sound. This updated version of Manicula intends to offer the public a sonar experience that redefines the way one interacts with sound and its’ transformations through time and space. 


Enrico Malatesta is a percussionist and researcher of the Italian sound in, he is also active in the field of experimental music, sound intervention and performance; his practice explores the relationships between sound, space and the body, the vitality of materials and surfaces, studying particularly various listening methods. 

Chiara Pavolucci is an Italian photographer. Her photographic style revolves around intimate language and the study of landscapes between natural and urban environments. She combines analogical and digital photographic techniques to give her own personal touch, focusing on enhancing the process itself. 

  • Durata 90'
  • Doors opening at 15' before the show starts
  • If you have subscribed to our membership and want to collect your free event at FAROUT write to: membership@base.milano.it reporting the show, the date and any time of the replica you have chosen.

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