Le Cannibale Mixed by Erry, Ines, Tamati

Mixed by Erry cover

"The ideal size for clean listening".

Le Cannibale opens its 2024 at BASE with a special event dedicated to “Mixed by Erry” with the real protagonist of the film on stage. The film by Sydney Sibilia, Italian film case of 2023, tells a true story, that of the Frattasio brothers, set in Naples between the eighties and nineties, Erry’s passion for music and his dream of becoming a dj. Le Cannibale brings the real Erry to Milan, which will be told in an exclusive interview followed by his special djset.

At his side Tamati, resident dj of Le Cannibale who is passionate about the record, and Ines, who tells of Naples instead the new international face, a sound journey between disco, house and funk.



Considered a landmark of national edutainment by major media such as Lonely Planet, New York Times and Vogue, Le Cannibale has been a successful event producer for over 14 years (Le Cannibale, Wunder Mrkt, Reverso Festival, Classica Elettronica Fantastica, Sub Limen) where music, culture, art, study and entertainment cross paths.

  • Doors opening at H21:30

So... is this getting serious?

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