Le Cannibale & FAROUT Live Arts Festival presents: Parra for Cuva (live), Tamati


For the third year running, Le Cannibale, a historic clubnight, and FAROUT, a contemporary art and performance festival, are crossing paths.

An event with a transversal nature between music and art, a blend of modernity, experimentation, classicism, spanning electronic, pop and contemporary music. For the occasion we will host, for the first time in Milan, the highly anticipated live performance of Berlin musician Parra for Cuva. A real original sound journey awaits us where electronic music mixes with emotional experiments on the dance floor with acoustic and ethnic sounds from all continents. An entry into a multicultural world full of diversity, in all its different colours, cultures and creeds: bells, flutes, kalimba, drums, traditional melodies meet synthesisers, electronic rhythms and basses.

To continue the dancing the djset of Tamati, resident of Le Cannibale, with his electronic, house and disco sounds. 



Benchmark of national edutainment by important media such as Lonely Planet, New York Times and Vogue, Le Cannibale has been producing successful events for over 14 years (Le Cannibale, Wunder Mrkt, Reverso Festival, Classica Elettronica Fantastica, Sub Limen) where music, culture, art, in-depth analysis and entertainment intertwine. 

  • Doors opening at 22:30
  • If you have subscribed to our membership and want to collect your free event at FAROUT write to:  reporting the show, the date and any time of the replica you have chosen.

So... is this getting serious?

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