TUTTA BASE Trap Community Opera


How do you narrate a neighbourhood with music? And with dance?

Trap Community Opera is a participatory artistic journey that involved a group of young people from the San Siro and Giambellino neighbourhoods between trap music, dance and theatre. The aim: to create a trap opera that tells the story of the San Siro neighbourhood from their perspective. The participants, led by Anna Serlenga, Rabii Brahim, Daniele Vitrone – in art Diamante, Sara Lorenzetti – in art Sheba, were the protagonists in the creation of the performance, a work in a contemporary key, starting from its conception and arriving at its final realisation, which will make its debut at TUTTA BASE on 8 June at 7pm.


Trap Community Opera is a project by Milano Mediterranea and Corps Citoyen in partnership with BASE Milano, with the contribution of Fondazione di Comunità Milano as part of the Musicami festival. The project is realised in collaboration of IIS Galilei-Luxemburg.

So... is this getting serious?

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