FAROUT gravitates around Volvo Studio Milano: A very small planet with enormous resonance

by BASE Milano

Volvo, partner of the third edition of FAROUT Live Arts Festival, hosts the inauguration event of the festival dedicated to contemporary creation at the Volvo Studio Milan with a special live performance by the MOMBAO collective, among the associated artists of BASE.

Close your eyes. Darkness, a circle of people, two sound epicentres. Damon breaks the silence with a sharp voice, Anselmo doubles it and starts hitting the drums, to which a hypnotic synth line is added.
Ancestral sounds: one voice that becomes many voices. In this journey we start again from the individual, from the essential, from the bases of our cultural identity and popular traditions… But which people if not everyone?

The performance took place in the epicenter of the Volvo Studio, with the two musicians covered in clay and body paint, surrounded by the audience. A techno/punk ritual in which the audience was involved in states of listening and collective dancing.

So... is this getting serious?

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