Material Futures — Central Saint Martins

by Central Saint Martins

Material Futures is where science, technology and design collide. We invite practitioners from all fields of the creative industries to create alternative narratives to what will become the defining issues of our times. United in our belief that our planet is at breaking point and our current methods of managing and dealing with these systems are ineffective and outdated, we encourage our students to look beyond existing disciplines to anticipate our future needs, desires and challenges for the 21st century. Whilst our students come from entirely different disciplines, from science, politics, design, engineering, fashion and architecture, they are all united in their hunger to become real-world agents of social, ecological and political change through expert collaboration and trans-disciplinary practice.

From extracting heavy metals with plants to community furnaces, lab-grown jackets to the future of inclusive archives, Material Futures showcase innovative solutions to various challenges we face today. These designs are much more than just material objects. They represent a poetic and thought-provoking reflection of our world and offer a glimpse into our communal future.

So... is this getting serious?

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