ROOM03: Radical Rituals 45ºN 1ºW-45ºN 35ºE — forty five degrees

In Radical Rituals, we collect spatial protocols following an imaginary line: the 45°N parallel. 
This line crosses Europe, from the Atlantic Coast to the Black Sea. The practices are named “rituals” because they strengthen the potential for collective action in order to reach systemic change. They are labeled radical because they are highly transformative and point toward possible futures. 


forty five degrees is an international collaborative practice of architects and researchers composed by professionals hailing from Greece, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain, transcending geographical boundaries and expanding its international networks to embrace the diversity of culture legacies. In our work, we are committed to the critical revisioning of space-making, exploring new methods, resources and means. With a focus on a comprehensive exploration of the built environment, our practice employs research, design, writing and artistic experimentation to analyze its physical, social, and economic entanglements. We are inspired by the ingenuity of everyday life and particularly keen on gathering methodologies and cooperative strategies, venturing into alternative spatial models.


Allianz Foundation
Institut français Bureau des arts plastiques
Akademie Schloss Solitude
Alfred Töepfer Stiftung
Goethe Institute Bucharest
Arc Bucharest
PUNCH Bucharest

Five rooms that become home and place of experimentation and encounter. Welcome to Temporary Home: a unique residence for five designers and artists from all over Europe within casaBASE, our hostel.

So... is this getting serious?

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