ROOM00: Without a House

“Where is home?”. In a six month long experiment, Sophie Conroy chose to live without her own house in the city of Eindhoven on a quest to find more connected ways of living. By deliberately choosing to be without a traditional home, Sophie explored alternative ways of living that depend on a stronger connection to community, nature, and the self.  
This process relied on thorough self-observation and documentation, leading to a reevaluation of existing social and personal structures. Through observing fundamental human needs, Sophie aims to gain a deeper understanding of what they truly entail. Sophie shares her experience in an intimate installation, raising questions of home, comfort, need and dependence, she seeks to spark conversation and connection.


Sophie Conroy is a designer and embodied researcher. She uses her life as a tool to test different ways of living, creating conditions to explore the unknown and learn more about the world and the self. 
From these observed actions, Sophie develops modes of storytelling to communicate and exchange with others. 
She is working towards developing practices and tools that support our reconnection with each other, our environment, and ourselves. 
Ultimately, Sophie is exploring the question: What is it that we really need?

Five rooms that become home and place of experimentation and encounter. Welcome to Temporary Home: a unique residence for five designers and artists from all over Europe within casaBASE, our hostel.

So... is this getting serious?

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