Slavic phantasmagoria — Sonia Górecka

by Sonia Górecka

Amidst Slavic geopolitical destabilisation, the project reinterprets ancient folklore symbols into contemporary totems, merging old and new techniques. It creates a contemplative hybrid space with tapestries and movable engraved bricks reflecting the constant restlessness of the Slavic lands. Accompanied by electronic soundscape with Slavic choir vocals, it highlights the transformative power of reimagining cultural symbols in a globalized era.

Sonia Górecka is a multimedia designer who works with digital tools and crafts to explore their strong connections. She seeks modern translations of the aesthetics and meanings of local heritage through various forms of re-mediation, bridging the gap between analog and digital realms. Her theoretical research delves into the ethics of technology, world-building, and combines it with an exploration of local folklore and intergenerational imagination. Sonia works with mediums such as textiles, graphic design, video, often incorporating augmented reality and 3D environments. 


Developed and produced with EE Exclusives

Original soundtrack:
Thomas de Rijk with vocals by choir Głośno; Jakub Skrzypek, Marta Buchner, Maria Luba, Zuzia Mazzoll

This project is funded by Stimuleringsfonds / Creative Industries Fund NL, the Dutch national cultural fund for design, architecture and digital culture. It funds innovative, often interdisciplinary design projects.

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