The Southern Thruway — Susanna Tomassini 

by Susanna Tomassini

Shared households have become a common living arrangement for many young adults, often driven by economic constraints. While being a stage for the faws in today’s economical system, these shared spaces can become platforms for enacting disruptive politics, where concepts like common goods, shared work, and non-codified relationships come into play. The Southern Thruway is a video installation that weaves personal stories with political concepts, exploring themes of uncertainty, forced collectivity, transientness and unconventional love.

Susanna Tomassini is an Italian visual designer based in the Netherlands, holding a MA in Information Design from the DAE.
With her practice she looks for new narratives around complex social and political topics, aiming for a deconstruction of apparently mundane subjects.
Her approach is multidisciplinary, merging and alternating digital and printed media. Originating as a graphic designer, she is now exploring video as an artistic media. She is currently freelancing in the cultural field. 

Nicole Marnati

Design Academy of Eindhoven

This project is funded by Stimuleringsfonds / Creative Industries Fund NL, the Dutch national cultural fund for design, architecture and digital culture. It funds innovative, often interdisciplinary design projects.

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