Twining the Underneath — Qiaochu Guo

by Qiaochu Guo

Senses will be stimulated through a series of objects that blend the space and the body, interpreting the experience of the moxibustion (a plant based medical practice used by the artist’s family) in body reparation and inviting users to see the body in relation to the environment and how the plant-based medical treatment relates to family history, personal identity and social systems.

Collaborator on collages
Xiaoyuan Gao


Qiaochu Guo (they/them) are interested in how the established social structure influences the body experiences: alienation, abandonment, exhaustion and disease, which lead to their works playing with the autonomous transforming potential body of hacking, defeating, disrupting, and restoring as the strategies. Their work is not limited to a certain medium, and wishes to be conveyed in a sticky, thick, blurry, permeating way. They have shown works and presented at Van Abbemuseum, Framer Framed, Kunstloc Brabant and others, and performed at Flam #9, Worm, De Singel and Veem. 

This project is realized as part of “The Body is a Movement”, a project by Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories.
During Design Week Public Program, Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories will present the project with a talk on rethinking the importance of the body (and corporeity) in the contemporary cult of hyper-productivity.

So... is this getting serious?

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