Weathering Ports: Sensing, Performing, and Acting Bodies — Yeon Sung 연성

by Yeon Sung 연성

The project explores the polluted weather of Maasvlakte, an artificial industrial zone within the Port of Rotterdam, through artistic practices and tactics that intersect the human body with the port’s weather, environment, ecology, and pollution as material. A DIY apparatus of sensors mounted onto a bicycle collects data from the biker and its environment offering ways to experience the environment as an embodied phenomenon with our bodies.


Co-production: V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media *Credit: -Production design: Heejung Kim -System design, sound design: Sima Kim


Yeon Sung 연성 is an artist-researcher based in Rotterdam and South Korea. Her artistic practice is centered on the critical examination of colonial dynamics at the intersection of sociopolitics, environment, and technology through the lens of non-human beings. Weaving a non-Eurocentric narrative with DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) tactics through accessible technology and bodily engagement, she experiments artistic practice as a means of decolonial method.

This project is realized as part of “The Body is a Movement”, a project by Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories.
During Design Week Public Program, Onomatopee and Baltan Laboratories will present the project with a talk on rethinking the importance of the body (and corporeity) in the contemporary cult of hyper-productivity.

So... is this getting serious?

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