Weightless Visions — Tecnológico de Monterrey

by Tecnológico de Monterrey

A travel kit created especially for Design Week based on personal needs and desires to feel close to one’s hometown. Is it a dream? No, it is the project of the students of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, who imagine the perfect exhibitor’s travel luggage from a Latin American perspective. An entire collection made of Tyvek that also includes:

→ An outfit designed to optimize clothing storage space by wearing items on the body during travel, freeing up suitcase space for the exhibition.

→ A trench coat that protects from Milan’s rainy weather during the design week and can transform into a temporary shelter in case of lodging in a privacy-challenged space.

→ An ultralight modular exhibition furniture system that provides independent infrastructure and can be stored in a suitcase.

→ Multi-purpose modular panels serving as printed canvases, protective covers for fragile material, and ergonomic support for designers during travel, emphasizing traveler health.

→ An expandable bag not only functional for carrying exhibition setup material but also revealing hidden projects “smuggled” in the inner lining visible only through color filters.

→ A collapsible mannequin utilizing the “Latin improvisation” to take shape with everyday materials, such as party balloons.

→ Pockets, toiletry bags, and envelopes storing strategic tools for an optimized travel experience, including rationing toothpaste, personal hygiene items, navigation tools, or even business cards for networking dynamics. 


Photo courtesy by Miguel Ángel González Arjona

So... is this getting serious?

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